Manda Sunscreen

MANDA develops natural skin care at the intersection of ancient traditions and modern performance so you can do what you love longer.

New scientific studies suggest that sunscreens we grew up with are poisoning us, our children and the places we love. Active ingredients commonly found in chemical sunscreens, such as oxybenzone and octinoxate, have been shown to disrupt the human endocrine system, cause birth defects, and contribute to coral reef death.

Born from a love of being in the sun and the near death of a family member from skin cancer, MANDA is on a mission to provide organic, food grade sun care solutions that actually work. As life long surfers, athletes, and outdoor lovers, we know a good sunscreen needs to last in all conditions. As fathers and health nuts, we know won’t put anything on our skin that we wouldn’t feed to our kids.

Simply put, each product is developed to exceed the performance expectations of any hardcore athlete or outdoor enthusiast yet is safe and gentle enough for babies and toddlers.