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Sea Engineering Inc.

Sea Engineering, Inc. (SEI) is a Hawaii-based ocean and coastal engineering, commercial diving and marine construction company, with nearly 50 years of in-water experience working throughout the Pacific Rim, continental US, and Caribbean. Our engineering offices are located at Makai Research Pier in Waimanalo, on the island of Oahu. SEI is staffed by local engineers, a large fraction of which are also experienced surfers, divers and watermen, lending an added level of integrity to their work in the ocean and surf zone environments.

Sea Engineering History

Over the last decade, SEI has participated in a number of very interesting and successful surf park-related projects, probably the most well-known of which was the Surf Ranch (1.0 & 2.0) with Kelly Slater Wave Co (KSWC). In 2013, SEI began its relationship with KSWC with a high resolution computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling effort for validation testing of KSWC’s now famous wave. This work subsequently evolved into a flurry of various engineering support tasking for KSWC lasting through 2019, and included advanced numerical wave modeling using CFD analyses running on super computers, research and development of new wave and lagoon concepts, on-site testing and in-water wave tuning, trouble-shooting, and general support, as well as design assistance and new concept exploration and ideation. This experience, along with recent similar but smaller efforts for a number of additional surf park start-ups, makes SEI well suited—and well positioned—to assist other surf park owners/developers with exceptional engineering and design support.

Sea Engineering

SEI Typical Tasking and Related Capabilities:

  • High resolution CFD modeling of wave breaking and hydrodynamics for surfability assessment of prototype surf reef bathymetry.
  •  Fixed-frame or moving mesh CFD analyses of wave generation mechanisms for validation or development.
  • Hydrodynamic studies of surf basin for assessment of wave forces on immersed structures, and required shoreline or wall elevations to contain dynamic water levels.
  • Underwater inspections of immersed structures for monitoring or repairs
  • Surge and chop mitigation—design of absorptive shorelines and damping measures to minimized unwanted wave reflection excessive turbulence, large basin oscillations, and surge.
  • On site monitoring—in situ wave and water velocity measurements using advanced instrumentation to monitor wave characteristics and performance
  • Corrosion assessment for immersed structures
  • Research, development, and design assistance (R&D) for new or prototype concepts.

Experienced Engineering

SEI is an experienced ocean and coastal engineering firm from Hawaii, and with its proven track record in the surf park industry, represents a new breed of Surf Engineering firms, providing surf park engineering, design and support from engineers who actually surf.  Intuition and insight gained from years of collective experience working on the water, and from surfing the waves at the center of it all, provide their staff indispensable added value for surf park related projects.

Immersed in the Market

With its unique location in the center of the Pacific and solid reputation successfully supporting clients around the Pacific Rim and Mainland US, SEI is well positioned to assist clients from Australia to the US East Coast and beyond.


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SEI’s nearly five decades of engineering and construction experience working in the near-shore and surf zone environments, combined with our advanced numerical wave modeling capabilities and proven surf park engineering and design support services make them uniquely qualified to assist developing surf park efforts at nearly any stage, from planning through to construction

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Engineering, Wave Modeling & Marine Construction

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