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Point Break Wave Co Release Technical Data on Set Wave System

Point Break Wave Company | Surf Parks, Wave Pools, and Wave Technology

For Immediate Press Release

Point Break Wave Company has released its Technical Data Sheet on their Set Wave Generating System that shows the technical details of 2 of our half pool designs and 2 of our full pool designs running at “MAX” power. The patented Set Wave System will revolutionize the surf pool industry. The current wave generating technologies are very expensive to run on electricity, have slow wave frequency rates and causes back currents into the surf pool. The Set Wave system has addressed all those challenges. The Set Wave System is very cost effective, and on a 12 foot wave costs only .12-$1.80 a wave. The wave frequency can be set for any wave frequency and our patented wave dampening system is connected into our Set Wave System to eliminate any back currents into the surf pool. Our Set Wave System was fully developed by Waveyard Development Group and is fully tested by PACE engineering, and we are constantly enhancing the technology at our wave testing hydraulics lab. The Set Wave system also produces a gorgeous wave. The Set Wave System can produce a wave of any size. You want a 20 foot wave, and have the room to build the pool big enough or have a lake on your property; we will build it for you. “My vision is to see our surf pools every 75 miles across the world.” Says Richard Carnahan. “I’m very excited to be working with the guys at Point Break Wave Company.”  

 View the full PDF file: Point Break Wave Company’s Set Wave Generating System Technical Data Sheets 

Point Break Wave Company Pneumatic Wave Generating System

Point Break Wave Company Pneumatic Wave Generating System

We have numerous customers that call us for quotes on our Set Wave System. Our customers are shocked to find out that our Set Wave Generating System is cheaper than our competitors and the technology far superior in performance. Our Set Wave Generating System has been quoted, “The very best wave generating system in the world today.” We explain to our customers, that when calling the competition to inquire about wave generators, to make sure they are comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges. We explain to our customers to make sure they get their wave frequency rates, cost per wave (per each size wave), volume of water for each wave, and length and time of ride. If they compare the technical data sheet to our competition you will see the Set Wave System is far superior. The Set Wave System truly is the very best wave technology in the world today. The Set Wave System comes in (4) different systems. Set Wave System 1 ”half Pool”, Set Wave System 2 ”half pool”, Set Wave System 3 ”full pool” and Set Wave System 4 ”full pool”. As each Set Wave System increases in number, so does the size of the wave produced. The technical data sheet has been posted on Surf Park Central as well as the Point Break Wave Company web site. Point Break Wave Company also builds Kayaking and White Water Rafting Courses, Wake Boarding Courses, Deep Flow River Ride, Scuba Diving Paradises, and Water Guns.” 

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