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About Surf Park Central

SURF PARK CENTRAL was founded in 2012 with the simple intention of creating a comprehensive hub for news, information and resources about surf parks, surf pools, man-made surf destinations and wave technology around the world.

In September of 2013 we hosted the first Surf Park Summit in Laguna Beach, CA. Get an idea of what Surf Park Central and Surf Park Summit are all about – watch the highlight reel from our first event. In September of 2016 we hosted Surf Park Summit 2 in Orlando, Florida in conjunction with Surf Expo. You can download the full event program from Surf Park Summit 2 here. We’ve since hosted Surf Park Summit Europe at Surf Snowdonia, the world’s first commercial Surf Park and are underway on planning Surf Park Summit 2020.

Since the first Summit and subsequent events we’ve cemented ourselves as THE go-to resource for all surf park news and information, with a growing loyal network of 275,000+ followers. Our audience and contributors consist of real estate developers, investors, retailers, resort owners / operators, action sports enthusiasts, professional surfers, entrepreneurs, wave technology providers, suppliers and professional service companies and industry stakeholders around the world.

Surf parks and man-made surf destinations are a rapidly emerging market with current success stories in the making and incredible potential in the coming years. One of our top priorities is to keep our audience on the leading edge of this new industry with all the latest developments in the wave technology and surf destination development realm. It is our vision and primary goal to support and help accelerate the advancement of man-made surf destinations in a successful and sustainable manner. The parallel between the growth of surf parks and surfing’s first ever inclusion within the Olympic Program in Tokyo 2020 (now slated for 2021) is apparent.

What is a Surf Park? A recreational action and adventure water sports facility or destination for enthusiasts of all ages who have an interest in an authentic ocean experience. Surf Parks are world class surf destinations that feature surf pools offering high quality waves and encompass the best of beach culture and the surf lifestyle. Unlike your typical day at the beach, Surf Park experiences guarantee ideal conditions for surfing in a safe and controlled environment.

At Surf Park Central we feature:

  • Surf Pool Technology Research & Developments
  • Surf Park & Surf Pool Company and Supplier Profiles
  • High Quality Videos & Photos of Surf Pool Surfing
  • Surf Pool & Surf Park Events
  • Surf Pool & Surf Park Destinations
  • Industry news relevant to wave pools, surf parks, and wave technology
  • Team tested and recommended surf products, gear and fitness programs
  • Surf Park & Surf Pool Career Opportunities
  • Many more features, sections, and developments will be available soon…
  • *We also welcome contributions

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