BAR Architects

Memorable Sustainable Collaborative

An architectural, interior design and planning firm, BAR Architects’ design experience spans all facets of the hospitality industry including destination resorts and hotels, restaurants, wineries, club facilities and custom homes. Our projects create memorable environments that enrich the user’s experience and reinforce the client’s brand identity. 

About BAR Architects

DSRT Surf Resort, Palm Desert, CA – Site Planning, Building Design, Program

Centered around a Wavegarden Cove surf pool, DSRT Surf offers a man-made surfing and out-of-the-water experiences that are authentically “surf”. Hotel, spa, event, food and beverage, and a variety of land-based programs augment the surfing experience. Inspired by a continuum of Desert Modern architectural history, the design vocabulary embraces materials “of the place”.


Pinnacles on Telo, Indonesia – Planning & Design

An eight-bungalow surf resort on its own island, guests begin and end each day by traversing the beach to access a small cluster of modest buildings made from locally sourced woods. The heart of the resort is the lodge, pool and bar. Carefully built around the Pegasus brand of surf hospitality, small format communal experiences are enjoyed both in and out of the water.


Tengarra Point Lodge, Indonesia – Planning & Concept Design

Situated steps away from a world class secret surf spot, the campus incorporates a significant longevity and healing component centered around Qi Gong practice. Designed in conjunction with a Qi Gong master to identify energy centers and circulations patterns, the layout incorporates a daily ritual of movement that functions to reinforce an awareness of Qi Gong practice.


Los Vientos, Donimincan Republic – Planning & Design

Catering to the next generation of leisure, Los Vientos is situated on a 130-hectare parcel, with 600 meters of beach frontage on Macao Beach. The activity anchor is an Entertainment District including food & beverage and nightlife; a Water Park with an Endless Surf pool; and 1,000 hotel rooms across three different hotel offerings.