Every session, every wave, never miss a shot!


Video or it didn’t happen. Flowstate’s AI-based automated video capture product captures every wave, enabling surfers to progress their skills, and empowers them to relive and share the stoke. We’ve built state of the art custom surfer object tracking and computer vision models to ensure that every wave is captured, and automatically cropped and edited in real time. At the end of the session, waves are grouped together automatically for each surfer into a single collection, allowing them to easily find and purchase their clips within minutes after the session is ended. Our platform offers an innovative, seamless web and mobile experience allowing surfers to not only watch and download their content but engage with a global community of surfers to share their surfing experiences, or as part of their progression journey.

About Flowstate

Flowstate’s AI-based automated video capture product captures every wave, enabling surfers to progress their skills, and empowers them to relive and share the stoke.

For wave park operators, Flowstate offers an effortless solution free of any wearable technology, significantly reducing any operational overheads. Combined with fully branded digital experience and a suite of data and analytics, our product offers real time insights into water activity never seen before.

It all starts with high quality footage – our video capture product utilises cinema-grade cameras and custom all weather enclosures designed to operate in any condition, with complex lighting dynamics (high brightness midday vs evening under floodlights). Our cameras capture exceptional footage that showcases the surf park in the best way possible. Our AI based approach uses custom computer vision models built specifically for surf and surf parks, no wearable technology is required, avoiding a significant operational burden – our solution is a completely hands-off, managed service to ensure surf parks can continue to focus on their core business.

Our web and app experiences create branded spaces for every pool to stand out, and an amazing UX means surfers enjoy finding their content without frustration – quickly and easily locating their session, watching it back, or casting it (our HD clips look amazing on a big screen), and sharing to social (we export both landscape and portrait to help facilitate this). The integrated community capabilities, such as session discussion and the ability to follow other surfers, means everyone can grow their networks within the platform and bring their friends and family along their surf journey.

Surf parks are more than just waves, with food & beverage operations being a key revenue generating product. The Flowstate replay mode is designed to keep surfers onsite longer, with post surf session replays designed for in-venue digital displays where you can watch the session back with your crew immediately after each session. This product is designed to keep surfers engaged and onsite longer, and maximising their F&B spend.

Surfers can progress at a speed never seen before by gaining valuable insights from watching their sessions and continuing to learn and progress. Our integrated coaching capabilities are designed to support coaching operations within surf parks, allowing you and your coaches to deliver valued feedback alongside the video clips of sessions. Coaches can focus on coaching, and less on video capture and editing.

The future of surf parks lies in embracing innovation that enhances the surfing experience. Flowstate’s AI-based automated video capture product presents a paradigm shift, empowering surfers to unlock their full potential, progress their skills, and share their video clips with the world. Producing hype reels is no longer the exclusive domain of professional surfers and their videographers. By providing comprehensive video feedback, AI-powered analytics, and immersive social sharing capabilities, this revolutionary solution elevates the surf park experience to new heights. With our product, surf parks become not only a destination for adrenaline-fueled fun but also a platform for personal growth, community building, and unforgettable memories.