Wave Company

Surf, everywhere. The worlds first floating surf pool.

An endless wave with zero water consumption. The floating UNIT Surf Pool creates a big and powerful artificial stationary deepwater wave in a natural water environment. 

About Unit Surf Pool

Inspired by natural river wave sensations

The UNIT Surf Pool was inspired by natural river wave sensations like the famous Munich Eisbach in Germany or the Waimea River in Hawaii. UNIT Surf Pool’s incredible technology creates an authentic surf experience with an open wave shape and a surfable wave face up to 1.8 meters high (6ft) that allows for massive bottom turns and maneuvers on any surfboard and fins you’d like. 


Indoor & outdoor pool design

UNIT Surf Pool offers built-in indoor/outdoor pool design solutions to create an amazingly fun surf experience in water parks, restaurants, hotels, and more. The UNIT wave is an extremely fun stand-alone wave and an amazing complementary wave to larger wave pools already built or in production.


A highly & easily customizable wave

A modular design allows users to make an easily adjustable wave that feels like a large traveling wave. Or you can make it smaller and use it as an incredible training tool for beginners and pros looking to progress. It is an extremely fun wave for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers alike.


The first-ever floating surf pool in the world

This innovative design is the most efficient and eco-friendly artificial wave solution on the market.

  • Zero Water Consumption
  • Fast 2 Week Installation
  • Comparably Low Energy Usage
  • No Construction Costs
  • Improved Environmental Water Quality