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Wavegarden – Wave Pool and Surf Park Technology

Wavegarden Cove | French Pro Surfers | Maud le Car & Joan Duru Set | Image @Pacotwo | Surf Park Central

Image: Wavegarden & @Pacotwo

[zilla_tabs] [zilla_tab title=”About”] Our vision is to give people of all ages and surfing levels the ability to enjoy a beach environment and a real surfing experience…beyond the oceans of the world. Wavegarden’s cutting edge technology allows for the creation of a broad and customizable range of authentic surfing waves in a safe and natural environment. This cost effective and environmentally friendly wave generation technology is now available to the public and for the first time makes economically-viable inland wave sports and lifestyle facilities possible.

The Wavegarden Cove® features new technical developments never seen before, and is able to deliver up to 1000 perfect, ocean-like waves per hour within the smallest footprint yet. At the push of a button, the size, shape, power and frequency of the waves can be adjusted to suit all user groups, transforming conditions in an instant -from small and mellow waves for beginners to powerful barreling waves up to 2.4m (8′) for advanced and professional surfers.

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Wavegarden Cove

The Cove is available in different models distinguishable by their wave height and length options, each scalable and proven to be financially competitive. To meet the specific requirements of individual projects, the Cove’s key features are fully customizable, from the size and shape of the outline, to the wave’s height, length, frequency, power and speed.

Waves can vary in size, from slow moving waves around half a meter high, to powerful and spectacular faces reaching up to 2.4m (8′). The wave’s length is determined by the number of modules. To extend the length of ride additional modules can be installed. Even in small facilities, the wave-riding experience can last around 10-15 seconds, which is on par with or better than most popular ocean breaks.

The wave-generating system is controlled by sophisticated software and delivers up to 1,000 high quality waves per hour. The program is flexible and offers a variety of wave frequency settings to match the number of surfers in the water at any given time, even allowing pauses for surfers to return to the take-off zone and regain their breath before catching their next wave. With the frequency on the highest setting, two waves are created every 8 seconds in a staggered formation on either side of the pier.

The fully customizable outline of the Wavegarden Cove can be tailored to match the natural features of most terrain and can be easily adapted to different footprints. To increase user capacity its contour can incorporate soft wave areas, lazy rivers, flat-water lakes, canals and beaches.

Wavegarden Lagoon

Against the vast natural backdrop of the Wavegarden Lagoon, guaranteed waves are generated year-round in an attractive beach environment. The technology behind the Lagoon is the most efficient method of creating perfect, long and powerful waves ranging in size from knee-high to overhead. These waves break for up to 35 seconds, and provide an authentic experience for surfers of all levels and ages.

With its high guest capacity and low operating costs, this technology represents one of the most attractive options for creating a very large-scale surf facility today.

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