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Webber Wave Pools – Wave Pool and Surf Park Technology

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Webber Wave Pools offers two distinct types of surf systems. The first generates continuously breaking waves, capable of providing surfers with infinitely long rides around a central island, while the second provides a lengthy ride down either side of a looped linear track-based system. The team is comprised of engineers, business development managers and surfboard industry experts, committed to developing and commercialising the Webber Wave Pool, and are all experienced surfers.

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Surf Pools 

Continuous Webber Wave Pool

1. Continuously breaking, never ending waves

2. Ability to accommodate multiple surfers at once

3. Wave height and shape can be altered within seconds

4. Low energy cost

Looped Linear Webber Wave Pool

1. Ability to accommodate multiple surfers at once

2. Wave height and shape can be altered within seconds

3. Lower energy cost than continuous design

The technology behind both designs has been developed with the aid of:

1. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling

2. Three tests in a linear tow tank

3. Three tests in a custom built circular pool

4. Innumerable field tests, using a boat to generate waves.

With financial support from the Australian Research Council, the project has utilised the scientific expertise and advanced testing facilities of two world leading naval architecture research organisations: the Australian Maritime College (AMC) and Delft University of Technology (TUDelft).

Smart Parks – The Smartpark is the precinct of the future. The Smartpark will house a Webber Wave Pool, skatepark, retail, hospitality and potential accommodation.

Compound – The Compound is an all encompassing action sports mecca. With every facility under the action sports banner, featuring the Webber Wave Pool solution, The Compound is the ultimate Destination Resort.


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Webber Wave Pools Company Profile
Webber Wave Pools is one of the world’s leading artificial wave technology company’s. When it comes to producing perfect waves for surfers anywhere on the planet Greg Webber and his team have what many consider to be the ultimate solution…

  • World class waves breaking continuously around an idyllic central island
  • Capable of producing a variety of wave shapes and sizes from gentle beginner waves to 6 foot barreling perfection
  • Potential to accomodate up to 20 surfers simultaneously
  • Ride length of up to 90 seconds will be possible in the full size pool
  • Low energy consumption and a fully sustainable business model

How does Webber Wave Pools create their variety of beginner to high performance waves? With Webber Wave Pools wave generation technology they have the ability to directly influence wave shape, height, and difficulty level. There are several variables and factors that have an impact on the waves produced in the pool:

  • Overall size of the wave pool
  • Volume of water in the pool
  • Speed of the hull / wave generator
  • Downward pressure of the hull in the water
  • Size of the center island and water channel
Webber Wave Pools Artificial Wave Technology for Surfing

Research and Development
The Webber Wave Pool is completely different in its method of wave generation and pool shape. The waves break constantly around a circular island within a doughnut shaped pool.  With nearly a decade’s worth of investment and thousands of hours spent on technical  research and development the WWP team has made giant strides towards bringing world class waves in pools to the global market. All aspects of the project have been taken into account including commercial, scientific, and economic factors.

Wave Pool Research, Development, and Testing | WWP Wave Pool Scale Model Testing | Wave Pool Facility Research Wave Pool Research and Development | WWP

Webber Wave Pools has also teamed up with two of the world’s leading Naval Architecture research organizations in order to collaborate with their expert scientific community and to utilize the most advanced wave pool testing facilities on the planet. Delft University of Technology and the Australian Maritime College have played a major role in researching, developing, and perfecting the WWP model. With 6 scale model tests to date including 3 circular wave pool tests the WWP research team has all the evidence they need to begin construction on their first full-scale wave pool facility. This next step will be the true test of their wave pool design and has the potential to prove the viability of wave pools as a sustainable business model to investors around the globe. This sounds promising…“May 2011 testing proved that we can produce two perfect tubing waves at all times from each hull.” – Webber Wave Pools

  • The WWP design has been fully analyzed through Computational Fluid Dynamics models which has conclusively proven that the physical scale model and the actual waves produced in the river all match up.
  • Extensive real world river testing has proven that waves generated by a ship can be surfed and scaled up to full size (6ft+ Waves)
  • Wave pool project supported by an Australian Research Council Grant
 Webber Wave Pool Hull Testing Model Scale Model Testing Boat Wake | Webber Wave Pools
Current Status of Webber Wave Pools & Milestones Planned for Next 12 Months

The main priority for Webber Wave Pools at this point is to build their first full-scale wave pool in order to truly prove that world class artificial waves can be produced in their circular or crescent designed wave pool models.

Webber Wave Pools Introduces Crescent Wave Pool Design

“Following extensive scientific research, engineering development, and successful domestic and international patent applications and subsequent registrations, the Webber Wave Pool team is now ready for the initial construction and testing of its first wave pool. We’re fully confident that we can build a full-scale pool that meets our expecations and validates the viability of wave pools and the ancillary enterprises that will be generated from their existence.”

Webber Wave Pools Crescent Wave Technology Surf Park

  • Patents granted in USA, Australia, China, and Japan
  • Patents pending in Europe, India, and the United Arab Emirates
  • Several Webber Wave Pool projects in Australia and Europe are in the planning stages. (Development updates are not yet available due to confidentiality arrangements with the potential investors.)

Wave Pools will Help Bring Surfing to the Olympics

The Ultimate Dreams of Webber Wave Pools

  • “Tens of millions of people surfing perfect waves every day…” – Greg Webber
  •  Thousands of wave pools around the globe giving everyone access to a world class surfing experience.
  •  Help introduce the sport of Surfing in the Olympics
The Future of Surf Park Events and Night Surfing

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