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Press Release – American Wave Machine

JHSF, owners of the luxury brand Fasano™, brought the same classic elegance to a pool party like no other at the Grand Opening of Boa Vista Village in Brazil. The residential development, anchored by a six-acre PerfectSwell® Surf Pool, debuted the waves and the facilities to a crowd of guests, residents, and celebrities. The venue, situated in the countryside sixty minutes from São Paulo, features beach front condominiums, an international spa, retail store, clubhouse, and a beach resort all surrounding a PerfectSwell® Surf Pool.

Boa Vista Village Residential Development featuring PerfectSwell Surf Pool

On the same day as the party, the WSL World Championship Tour event in Rio De Janeiro recessed waiting for the ocean to deliver waves. Seizing on the fortunate timing, JHSF flew Olympic gold medalists Italo Ferreira, Carissa Moore, and other pros on a private plane to showcase their talent on the waves in front of a stoked crowd. After the session Carissa said, “It was insane, so much fun, honestly exceeded expectations. I have not stopped smiling, and I probably won’t until tomorrow.” Italo Ferreira appreciates the training potential, “For those who surf in high performance this is very positive, we can test several different equipment and boards in a short period of time”.

“At PerfectSwell® Boa Vista we manage to cater to everyone, from beginners to surf champions who are always asking to come and train at Boa Vista.” said Eduardo Grinberg, Director of Operations and JHSF Wave Manager. “PerfectSwell® waves are the real deal. Everything that happens in nature, happens in PerfectSwell®.”

“It’s been rewarding working with the technical team at JHSF.” said Miquel Lazaro, AWM Lead Engineer. “We achieved an amazing result and look forward to working with JHSF on both creative and technical aspects to continue creating the best and most beautiful surf venues in the world.”

American Wave Machines is partnering with JHSF on another development project in the city of São Paulo, called São Paulo Surf Club featuring PerfectSwell®.

SOURCE: American Wave Machine, Inc.

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Boa Vista Grand Opening
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