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July’s Surf Park Headlines

We’re keeping an eye on what is making headlines in the surf park industry. From a piece of history to repairs and future waves, there’s plenty to be excited about in July. Here are a handful of stories we’re following.

Who Was First? The Debate Over Surf Park History

A new Surfer Today article highlights a debate over the history of surf parks. While the modern era of surf parks is fairly new, there were surfable human-made waves in the past. Big Surf in Tempe is often credited as one of the original surfable waves, however, the internet debate wages on. You can see more about the argument for Oceana Park here.

Riding Waves in the Netherlands

Earlier this month, the Rotterdam Surf Open was held in The Netherlands’ new Rif010 surf destination. Surfers from around the world checked out the new wave. Watch the video for more:

Ka’ana Waves Breaks Ground

Ka’ana Waves says they’ve broken ground on their new surf park and Nordic spa. The destination in Bridal Falls, British Columbia, Canada, will be the first public destination for Ka’ana. In a social media post, the company says the park should open in 2025.

PSSC reservations
Palm Springs Surf Club Says They’re Making Progress

A recent email from Palm Springs Surf Club says they’re making progress to bring back surf operations. In the meantime, they’ve opened the pool to the public. Guests can enjoy water toys, paddle boards, kayaks and floats. It’s a great way to beat the summer heat that’s been setting new records in California. 

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