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Mayhem Surf Team Shred the Wavegarden Cove

June 21, 2018 // Words by Wavegarden

Griffin Colapinto Mayhem Surf Team Wavegarden Cove

WSL Rookie standout Griffin Colapinto at the Wavegarden Cove R&D demo center in Spain’s Basque country. Photo: Wavegarden / Pacotwo

Mayhem Surf Team shred the Wavegarden Cove

Ever since we started making waves in the Wavegarden Cove in 2016, many surfers have dropped by our R&D center in northern Spain to test out the waves and provide us with their feedback. One of our favorite sessions happened back in October 2017 when Mayhem surfboard shaper Matt Biolos came to visit with surfers Kolohe Andino (USA), Carissa Moore (HAW), Griffin Colapinto (USA) and Winter Vincent (AUS). On this particular day the ocean was flat and the crew took the opportunity to ride some new boards and simply have fun. Kolohe and Griffin even went head-to-head in a game of SURF, trying to execute identical maneuvers one after the other.

Kolohe’s razor sharp repertoire was well suited to the waves in the Cove. “I had a blast, yelling and screaming every time someone took off on a wave” beamed the young Californian. “Griff and I started a game of S.U.R.F, trying to do the same thing. It was sick for trying airs, slashes and all sorts of stuff. Just being able to get that many waves was epic and the light cardio tempo workout was also a good training deal. This is definitely the future of the sport”.

Kolohe Andino Mayhem Surf Team Wavegarden Cove

Kolohe Andino setting his fins free at the Wavegarden Cove demo facility. Image: Wavegarden / Pacotwo

Each surfer caught around 100 waves each, testing an assortment of different types on offer. These included head high waves with white water sections, to faster waist-high spinners, which are more down the line and allow for consecutive flowing turns.

Carissa Moore Mayhem Surf Team Wavegarden Cove

Carissa Moore enjoying a fun and effective training session at the Wavegarden Cove R&D demo center. Image: Wavegarden Cove / Pacotwo

“The ability to change the wave is a really cool aspect of it. I got to practise some manoeuvres that I have been really wanting to nail down in the ocean”, said 3-time World Champion, Carissa Moore, who, just a few days later, went on to win the Quiksilver Pro, France.

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