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Company Profile of MSA & Waves Manufacturing Provided by Keith Kos

President & CEO of the Midwest Surfing Association

The quest for the creation of the perfect man made wave has long been a dream of our founders. The dream has been accomplished and the first real surf-able and affordable wave has now been patented and perfected.

Last year two other wave application companies averaged 50 million dollars in sales. Their systems produce a mushy shaped wave which shoots water from pumps over foam to create their wave which is a wave flow.  Unfortunately, since this wave flow lacks the power for a real surfboard to be used, a small flat shaped type board must be substituted, creating only an “assimilated surfing experience”.

Realizing that surfers come with varying skills, preferences and expectations, we have designed the most advanced, wave generation system in the world …and also made sure it is the most versatile and most cost efficient.

Our wave system can be built in any size and placed into any body of water.  We have created it so that it can not only be a self-sustaining wave (like a beach wave), but also that it can be made to be able to be transported from place to place and easily installed above ground (like a standing wave at a river mouth).

Our system can deliver a multitude of wave patterns & barrels in varying sizes and intensities producing large, expert class surf along with beginner grade waves at the rate of up to 6 per minute.  And we can deliver these waves at an enormously reduced cost of about 33 cents per wave or less compared to the cost to produce a 5 foot wave with any pre-existing technology today ranging from $5-$7 each.

Our ability to control and vary not only wave speed, but also wave height, gives our wave pool a multitude of diverse wave patterns. In addition, our unique, patented, rip current & chop mitigation technology further allows and enhances the ability for a higher frequency of waves to be delivered by calming the pool down within seconds after generating each wave, creating an optimum, desired glassy surface.

The power behind our wave system comes from our one of a kind, vertical pumping system. This singularly, again unique, patented pump technology is not only the most powerful in the world for its size, but it has the ability to also make its own electricity!  When put in reverse and attached to a generator, this pump can produce electricity further lowering the cost of the operation. Moreover, this pump system affords numerous other commercial applications in water management, irrigation, flood control and water disbursement.

All of the above are huge innovations in wave pool, generation technology that have never been achieved until now by Midwest Surfing Association.”

Keith Kos
Midwest Surfing Association

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