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Surf Park Summit Europe Invitation Request

Surf Park Summit Europe | Surf Park Central

Surf Park Central and The Center for Surf Research are hosting a highly exclusive edition of the Surf Park Summit series on October 24th & 25th, 2017.

Surf Park Summit Europe will be held at the world’s first successful commercial surf park – Surf Snowdonia, located in the pristine foothills of the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. With dozens of surf parks across competing wave generation technologies now in the development pipeline the time to deep dive into the best and latest information and network with leaders in the industry is now.

Where Surf Park Summits 1 & 2 were capped at 300 attendees, this summit is strictly limited to 75 carefully curated stakeholders in the rapidly growing surf park space. While most invitee slots have already allocated, we have reserved 10 slots for highly qualified stakeholders to join this exclusive group.

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View of Surf Snowdonia from the top of Snowdonia National Park. Photo: Red Bull

Surf Park Summit Europe will provide a unique behind the scenes experience and allow you to discuss all aspects of Surf Snowdonia with the ownership group and team who conceived of, designed, funded, built and now operate it at a level of visitation double that predicted in pre-development feasibility reporting.

A series of speakers will give a full overview of the wave technology marketplace. Many of the wave technology companies will be represented on-site and industry suppliers and experts in the field will update you with the latest developments and research.

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The Wavegarden at Surf Snowdonia in action during the Red Bull Unleashed event in 2015.

You will have the opportunity to explore operations with the Surf Snowdonia ownership & management team and understand the full range of customer experiences from beginner to advanced surfers.

There will be plenty of opportunities to network with those at the forefront of the surf park industry while immersing yourself in the world’s first commercially successful man-made surf destination experience and enjoying the flavor sensations of local agricultural produce, beers and wines in the Surf Side Restaurant & Bar.

If you have any additional questions or would like to inquire about strategic partnerships, sponsorship or speaking opportunities please contact us.