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Surfing Secrets Revealed: Research Exposes Surprising Data – Australia’s most Surfed Wave is a Wave Pool

Hold onto your boards and get ready for a wild ride into the fascinating world of surfing with groundbreaking insights. In a recent article by, Rip Curl’s SearchGPS Data has revealed surprising trends and untapped destinations that could reshape the surfing landscape.  

With a staggering sample size of 68,008 waves and 7969 sessions, we learn there are many untold stories and hidden trends that shape the surfing community. From record-breaking wave distances and speeds to surprising surfing habits in different regions, this data-driven adventure may redefine our understanding of the sport.  

With Australia’s URBNSurf wave pool making the list, it will be interesting to see how this landscape continues to evolve as more and more surf pools come to market.  Will there be more waves eventually surfed in the deserts of the US then along the coasts?  Time will tell!

Head on over to for all the details.  

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