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Largest Wavegarden Cove Opens To Surfers In South Korea

For the average surfer, a three-foot slab is plenty to get the juices flowing. And at Wave Park South Korea, they’ve perfected the head high tube. Want an easy drop into a perfect 3-second pit? They’ve got that. How about throwing a turn first, and then hitting a ramp on the way out of the barrel? If you’re Jacob Szekely, that’s no worries. The clips from South Korea just keep coming, and for good reason. Who doesn’t want to get a perfect pit after perfect pit in a pool?


More on Wave Park:

Wave Park powered by Wavegarden, Asia’s largest wave park, was officially opened with a formal ceremony and an epic testing surf session in Siheung, South Korea. 

The function was attended by a 100 VIPs, the maximum number of guests permitted due to Covid-19 regulations. The gathering assembled the key people responsible for bringing the project to life including Sam-seop Choi, CEO of Daewon Plus; Lee Jaemyung, the Governor of Gyeonggi Province; Im Byeong-taek Mayor of Siheung City; Juan Ignacio Morro, Spanish Ambassador and Wavegarden’s Founders Josema and Fernando Odriozola, Karin Frisch and their sons.

The centrepiece of Wave Park, a mixed-use real estate development, is the world’s largest Wavegarden Cove surfing lagoon.

Wave Park, Turtle Island, Siheung, South Korea

New technology means the South Korean site offers longer waves and barrels and a wider variety of waves than any other surf park. The landmark surfing lagoon has opened its door to the public this weekend. 

Wavegarden´s newest project offers over 20 different wave types ranging from small knee-high beginner waves to long, steep barrels. New to the wave menu is a world class air section that rivals any other on the planet. 

Jacob Szekely testing the new air section

“I have surfed every credible wave park in the world and this was my best surf experience,” said Jacob Szekely, WSL Airbourne surfer. “The clear water and the wide variety of awesome open face and barrel waves is incredible. However the air new section is simply insane. On the first day of testing I landed the best aerial of my life.”  

Wave Park is located on a new 167,000 m2 waterfront development on Turtle Island, less than an hour’s drive from Seoul. The first stage of the US$ 2.37bn project was completed in just 18 months and provides aquatic activities like kayaking, SUP and swimming in zones with and without waves. Stage 2 of the development includes six hotels, convention centers, marinas and museums.

Josema Odriozola, CEO of Wavegarden said: “We are delighted to bring the incredible sport of surfing and beach lifestyle to South Korea. With consistent waves of different sizes and shapes, Wave Park is going to be the new beach of Seoul and the place to surf for families, professional surfers, and everyone in between.”

The Wavegarden Cove technology is world leader in not only in the quality and quantity of waves, but also in terms of economic and environmental sustainability. Comparability studies reveal that Wavegarden’s technology uses 10 times less energy than other pneumatic wave generation systems in the market today.

And Wavegarden’s innovative water treatment system, developed specifically for wave lagoons, keeps the water transparent and clean throughout the year. The system is based on a series of sustainable treatments including fine filtration, ozone and UV disinfection, and low chemical chlorination.

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