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The Wave Bristol gets more bodyboard friendly

From WavePoolMag:

The Wave has launched two new experiences dedicated to bodyboarding – The Beginner Bodyboarding and Improver Bodyboarding sessions. The company said in a statement that the move is designed to encourage everyone to get in the water and experience the positive health benefits of being in the waves.   

“We know how brilliant we feel physically and mentally after spending time in the waves and we want to share that feeling as widely as possible,” said Nick Hounsfield, Founder of The Wave. “We want to dispel any misconception that you need a surfboard to be able to access this – you don’t! Bodyboarding has been a way of catching waves around the UK and across the globe for centuries, creating instant smiles with every crest ridden. Whether it’s surfing, body surfing, bodyboarding or just splashing about on a Play in the Bay session – for us it is all just about the sheer joy water and waves!” 

The hour-long Beginner Bodyboarding sessions start from £35 for an adult and £25 for a child and Improver Bodyboarding sessions cost £45 for adults and £35 for a child. All wetsuits and equipment are included.  

The Beginner Bodyboarding sessions are located in the shallow “bay” section of The Wave and designed to help users build confidence on a bodyboard, while developing the basic, fundamental skills. Lessons will focus on learning how to position oneself in the water, catch a wave, and ride it to the shore in the correct position.  

The Improver Bodyboarding takes place in the Reef area of the lake. This is a bodyboarding-only session where participants will learn how to move around the lake wearing swim fins, as well as how to position to take off and catch unbroken waves. A host will be on hand to give all bodyboarders tips and advice on how best to ride waves, developing the ability to take off and trim along an unbroken wave face. 

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