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Tom Lochtefeld Presentation at Surf Park Summit 2 | Teaser Version

Surf Park Summit 2 | Tom Lochtefeld Teaser


Tom Lochtefeld Presentation at Surf Park Summit 2 (Teaser Version)

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Teaser version of Tom Lochtefeld’s presentation at Surf Park Summit 2 on September 7, 2016. Tom is the Founder & CEO of Surf Loch and Wave House. Waves in the ocean require a long distance of continuous mono-directional wind, i.e., fetch, to create desired waves. The longer the fetch and stronger the wind, the bigger the wave. Through Surf Loch’s wave science, we can: reduce the size of the natural ocean fetch from hundreds of miles in length, down to a footprint dimensioned caisson of approximately 400 cubic feet; preserve the high frequency periodic harmonic of natural waves; and create perfect ocean quality barreling waves that are economically viable: with maximum efficiency, minimal size, minimal maintenance, and with no mechanical parts in water contact.


Tom Lochtefeld is the founder and CEO of Surf Loch, and the Wave Loch and Wave House family of companies. He was co-founder and co-developer of the three Raging Waters aquatic theme parks (Los Angeles, San Jose, and Salt Lake City). Mr. Lochtefeld has over 100 patents and trademarks, and was the inventor, principal designer and technology licensor for major aquatic attractions, including: FlowRider®, FlowBarrel®, SurfPool™, FlyingReef®, and MasterBlaster® Uphill Water Coaster. He was the inventor / founder of the venue attractions Wave House® and Flow House®. There are currently over 200 FlowRider® and FlowBarrel® sheet waves in 30 countries, and ten Wave Houses® and FlowHouses® globally. Mr. Lochtefeld attended the University of California San Diego (to surf), where he earned a Bachelor’s in Sociology (and minor in Neurophysiology).


In 2014 Surf Loch’s SurfPool® debuted at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions annual trade show (IAAPA), to rave reviews, in the form of a 40 foot scale model. Shortly thereafter projects were announced for Rif010 in The Netherlands, and The Wave Bristol in the U.K.