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Video Highlights the Power of One of the Largest Wave Pools in the World

A new video shared by Aventuur Co. highlights a South Korean surf park with the world’s largest Wavegarden Cove.

A new video shared by Aventuur Co. highlights a South Korean surf park with the world’s largest Wavegarden Cove. The film is called “Welcome to Siheung-Si.” It’s worth viewing to see the future of surfing outside the ocean.

In a press release, the company shared more details, stating, “In Late October, Ace Buchan, Conner Coffin and Glenn Hall traveled to Wave Park in South Korea.

A strike mission unlike most, the three friends were invited to develop and refine new competition wave settings for Korea’s first WSL Qualifying Series events.

Alongside creating new waves, the trio made new friends with local surfers and experienced authentic Korean culture.”

“Experiencing a thriving surf community an hour south of Seoul, with limited access to surfable coastline, was eye-opening, says Adrian “Ace” Buchan, Ex-World Tour Veteran and Director of Surf & Sustainability, Aventuur. “To see the positive impact and stoke that surfing had brought all these South Koreans was a real buzz. Conner, Micro and I have so many great memories and moments from working together on Tour, and it was great to reconnect and play a role in shaping the canvas for the next generation, now chasing their own dreams in surf parks.”

“I couldn’t think of three better surfers than Ace, Conner and Glenn to help refine our contest waves ahead of this week’s WSL QS3000 and longboard event at Wave Park,” says Josema Odriozola, CEO and Co-Founder, Wavegarden. “Having them in the surfing lagoon in South Korea to test the refined waves and provide feedback has definitely assisted our fluid dynamics team, who were working remotely from Spain, in improving key sections on our Turn and Malibu waves. Now, we are looking forward to seeing some exciting action on the webcast.”

The focus on the surrounding culture is a big push in the industry, as recent research has found many are willing to travel to surf. Learn more about this in our Surf Park Consumer Trends Report.

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