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Endless Surf

Vietnam Is Getting A Surf Park, powered by Endless Surf

Endless Surf wave technology has been selected for the brand new project

Photo render courtesy of the Master Planner Sasaki

WhiteWater has just announced the brand new Endless Surf project to be developed in Vietnam, alongside Surf the Wave and an established real estate development company.

WhiteWater recently announced its latest inland surf pool technology, Endless Surf which provides powerful and efficient waves that can be customized depending on the ability of the user in the pool.

Vietnam has seen rapid growth in tourism infrastructure and significant real estate expansion over recent years, with international investors recognizing the potential of the country.

Investors are supporting the government’s economic development plan for a new area dubbed Vietnam’s Silicon Valley, combining districts 2, 9 and Thu Duc, located east of Ho Chi Minh City.

The administrative region, a new hub for technical industry and innovation, is receiving an investment of $12 billion for infrastructure and commercial developments.

whitewater surf the wave vietnam

Consequently, Surf the Wave, a pool developer and consulting team which is backed by one of Asia’s most significant land developers, is creating a large mixed-use community using Endless Surf as an anchor amenity.

Residences at the vibrant destination will look out over the expansive beach of the Endless Surf ES3200’s heart-shaped pool and beach area.

Tony Bulcraig CEO of Surf the Wave, says of the decision to choose Endless Surf: “We’ve done a thorough analysis of the options and have concluded that Endless Surf offers both the best value and surf versatility, with a more natural aesthetic, that fits our development goals best. That it is backed by a company already experienced in large scale developments is important given the institutional investors involved.”

This will be the first surf pool in the country and will give over 10 million people access to perfect man-made waves delivered by Endless Surf.

Rendering of the new planned facility

Endless Surf waves are designed to satisfy the needs of both beginners and experts in different zones. “This development is a great example of how surf as an anchor attraction in larger mixed-use real estate investments creates a focus on lifestyle and wellness for the entire development.” said Paul Chutter, joint founder of Endless Surf.

To learn more, please connect with Whitewater and the Endless Surf team here on their directory page on Surf Park Central.

About Endless Surf and WhiteWater

Endless Surf brings the next generation of powerful, efficient and customizable waves for guaranteed stoke; backed by four decades of WhiteWater’s expertise in aquatic engineering and experience design.

WhiteWater built its first surf pool in 1989 and it still operates today. Endless Surf takes that heritage and with expert wave designers enhanced the reliable pneumatic technology to create Endless rolling sets, designed for operational ease, flexibility, high capacity, and above all else, safety.

WhiteWater’s market leader reputation is based on a dedication to making products that operators can count on, because they understand the importance of lasting quality, stringent safety and reliability on the bottom line.

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