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Wave Loch | Surf Pool, Wave Pool, Flying Reef, and Surf Park

One of the biggest players in the current race to develop the first world class surfing experience in a pool is Wave Loch. Well known for the development of sheet wave technology and the global installation of over 100 Flow Riders around the planet Tom Lochtefeld and his team are bound to make an impression on the future of surfing as we know it.

Wave Loch Engineers Current Surf Pool Project

Wave Loch SurfPool Concept

The Wave Loch SurfPool is a giant step forward: The SurfPool delivers a wave every 20 seconds. It produces its non-stop waves in a small footprint, creating endless opportunities from full blown surf exhibitions with stadium seating, to the creation of an idyllic remote beach setting. Additionally, intensity of the waves can be controlled at the turn of the dial, from Beginner to Expert.” – Quote from

“The “next wave” in artificial waves, the FlyingReef® is the closest approximation to a full-power, breaking wave the world has ever seen. Different from sheet waves and surf pools the FlyingReef is a wing moving through water on a track which throws up an endless wall and spinning tube.” – Quote from

Wave Loch Surf Parks Wave Pools and Flying Reefs

Wave Loch FlyingReef Technology

The main wave is the equivalent of a hollow, six-foot barreling ocean wave, and it can be shaped to go left, right, or a perfect peak. And while the most experienced surfers ride the main wave, the FlyingReef also puts up a side wave and trailing wave that can be ridden by beginning surfers, or bodyboarders.

The FlyingReef comes in four flavors: Single wave with secondary wave pool.  Single wave.  Double wave with secondary wave pool.  Double wave.  Each wave comes with either Uni-directional (one way pull) or Bi-directional (waves on both pulls).” – Quote from

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