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Wave Park Group’s URBNSURF Perth Lease Details Made Public

Wavegarden Cove | Urbnsurf by Wave Park Group | Surf Park Central

Conceptual rendering of the URBNSURF Perth surf park at Alfred Cove, Tompkins Park. Photo: URBNSURF, Wave Park Group

When it comes to building a surf park in Perth, Australia, details are starting to come into a clearer focus. Last week the minutes of a special, four-hour council meeting in the neighboring city of Melville showed up in the Melville Times Community press and offers some interesting details and insights about how the Wave Park Group’s URBNSURF Perth project is starting to come together.

URBNSURF Perth by Wave Park Group Beach Scene | Surf Park Central

Conceptual rendering of URBNSURF Perth beach scene. Image: Wave Park Group

Here are the key takeaways from the Melville Times article:
  1. The initial lease agreement between the Wave Park Group and the City of Melville is asking for 30 years with two future 10-year extension options.
  2. Wave Park Group, trading as URBNSURF Perth, will pay the City of Melville $700,000 per year to rent the 4.1 hectare site. It will also be required to provide the City with a $700,000 lease guarantee, as well as a rehabilitation guarantee, the value of which will be determined by an expert at a later date.
  3. URBNSURF Perth will have six months of free rent based on the development’s date of completion.
  4. The Wave Park Group is prohibited from sub-letting any part of the site without permission from the City of Melville.
  5. The Wave Park Group will donate $50,000 towards the creation of a “living stream” on the western edge of the surf park.
  6. The Melville Bowling Club must vacate its current site by October 2018.
  7. The lease is contingent on Wave Park Group sourcing 100 percent of the required financing, as well as obtain all relevant building permits and required regulatory approvals by the end of February 2019.
About the Wave Park Group (Via

Aiming to revolutionize surfing participation in Australia with the development of world class surf parks around the country. Surfing is an activity enjoyed by millions of Australians for its unrivaled excitement, relaxed lifestyle and health benefits. Surfing is also an iconic sport that is part of our heritage and national identity.

However surfing is currently limited to specific coastal locations, to daylight hours and requires suitable ocean conditions, making it often inconvenient to surf and difficult to learn. The solution lies in Wavegarden’s patented, world leading wave generator technology which allows high quality surf to be produced at any time, and in any location. Wave Park Group holds exclusive rights to the develop and operate surf parks in Australia using Wavegarden wave generating technology.


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