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Wave Park Group Submits Environmental Assessment for URBNSURF in Melville, Western Australia.

Wave Park Group (WPG) of Australia, on their own accord, has submitted an environmental assessment to the (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency of Western Australia.


Posted on January 9, 2017.
Story broke by Bryce Luff, Melville Times.

Hoping to wipe away any naysayer concerns, Wave Park Group (WPG) has released a self-proclaimed environmental study that is available for public viewing until January 18th.

Andrew Ross, Chairmen of WPG wanted to show transparency by submitting a self-referred environmental impact study. The report states that, based on the work of various experts in their respective fields, the wave park “will not have any direct or indirect negative impacts on the ecological values of Tompkins Park or the Alfred Cove Nature Reserve.”

The EPA will use this assessment to decide whether or not they will conduct their own respective reviews on the area.

Some of the citizens of Melville showed their contention with the project by circulating a petition to block the wave park this last year. Mr. Ross and the everyone involved was eager to show their findings to the local community.

“We have stated all along that the community should reserve judgment on the project and sit on the fence until we had completed the technical study work to demonstrate the project was suitable for Tompkins Park,” he said.

He went on to say, “well, we have done that now, and the report which has been prepared by various experts in their respective fields concludes that the project will not have any direct or indirect impacts on any ecological values, including birds, other fauna, native flora, the Swan River, or any other sensitive environmental receptor.”

This may silence any environmental arguments put forth that would prevent the realization of the project. Although, the EPA still holds the right to complete their own assessment and it’s uncertain whether this current review will satisfy the state.

The Mayor of Melville, Russel Aubrey, said that the self-submitted report was a bold move and that it showed confidence on the side of the developers.

Aside from confidence, the Wave Park Group needs to prove the environmental output of their facility will fall in line with the guidelines of the state.

Mayor Aubrey went on to say, “If it’s not environmentally sound, the City wouldn’t support it.”

The Review can be viewed here ( until January 18th.

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