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Why surf lagoons are becoming the center piece for masterplanned communities

By Tanner Wilson for WavePoolMag:

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the housing market, new housing is still very much in demand. Especially in booming cities that people have migrated to during the pandemic. Master-planned communities are a response to this demand, as developers try and address the ongoing housing crisis.

But what makes these types of communities different from other neighborhoods? By definition, “Master-planned communities are large-scale, mixed-use residential developments with robust, curated amenities… Amenities can include parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses and more.”

Beyond the homes and amenities themselves, another key feature of a MPC is its ability to engage the community and create a sense of identity for its residents. With master planned communities on the rise to meet housing demand, it is very important for developers to consider what will make living in them worthwhile by answering questions like:

• What will make it different from any ordinary suburbs?
• What exciting amenities will make HOA fees worthwhile?
• Who will be attracted to this community? A multigenerational audience?
• How can this community encourage healthy lifestyles and foster a sense of community?
• What can help maintain property values even in worries of economic slowdowns?


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