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2022 Surf Park Awards Winners: UNIT Surf Pool (Sustainability)

This year’s Wave of Innovation Surf Parks Awards had a brand new focus, with companies and organizations having the opportunity to apply based on three main categories. Those topics include Innovation and Progression, Sustainability and Democratizing Waves.

This year, UNIT Surf Pool won for their thoughtful approach to sustainability. 

Here’s a look at their reaction:

How does it feel to win one of this year’s Wave of Innovation awards?

On behalf of UNIT Surf Pool globally, we are TOTALLY STOKED to bring home a Waves of Innovation award, especially for excellence in Sustainable Impact.

We feel Sustainability is one of the most important factors we can all focus on to be successful in this industry and create long lasting and impactful surf businesses.

Water usage is one of the most difficult challenges and opportunities for education in the surf park industry today. We’ve seen some prolific developments blocked and others significantly delayed over this very notion. Pushing the bounds of innovation in water and energy consumption is something that not only significantly benefits our planet, but it is what makes the greatest impact on our partners and the viability of their businesses as well.

Why is Sustainability important to your company? 

Sustainability is a pinnacle of focus for us at UNIT Surf Pool and it has been since day 1. We are lucky to have a team of incredibly talented Engineers and Designers that all share this focus and dedication and have worked diligently to redefine what is possible in man made surf pool design. It is important to us because we know that it is what is important for our world, it is what is important for our partners, and we know that we can continue to innovate and achieve new milestones within this industry with it as our focus.

Frankly, we are incredibly inspired by what nature is capable of and spend a lot of time studying ways we can bring that into our design. From this focus, we are proud to offer the World’s First Floating Surf Pool which requires zero water consumption and is the category leader in energy efficiency.

Not only does it require zero water consumption and industry low energy usage, but it improves the water quality of the lakes it is placed in through increased aeration and circulation and is wildlife friendly. ‘Leave it better than you found it,’ is something we take pretty seriously over here.

How would you like to grow or continue to do this within your organization?

 We are always working on new ways to achieve greater levels of sustainable impact and continue to place great emphasis on this facet of our business. We are exploring renewable energy sources. We are working on some strategic installations with the greatest environmental impact on water cleanliness. And we are engaging some of the top engineering minds to help us accomplish these eco-friendly goals! Trust that you will continue to see more sustainable and eco-friendly innovations from UNIT Surf Pool in the future!

Check out the company’s submission:

UNIT Surf Pool offers a highly innovative and sustainable solution to making a beautiful and rippable wave that brings true surfing anywhere in the World. UNIT Surf Pool is truly set apart from other technologies for its excellence in sustainable and eco-friendly design, its accessible price point, and its versatile installation options.

Let’s talk a little bit about Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Design First.

UNIT Surf Pool offers the World’s first floating wave that utilizes zero water consumption. Yes, you read that right, ZERO water consumption! If that huge eco-friendly accomplishment doesn’t absolutely STOKE you out, then I’m sure these next few sustainable advantages will:

1) Installing a floating UNIT wave makes the water it is placed in cleaner than it was before through increased aeration and circulation. 

2.) The UNIT wave is safe for wildlife and possesses a fish-friendly certification! 

3.) Not only does our floating wave require zero water consumption, positively enhance the environment, and is safe for wildlife, but it is also the most energy-efficient deep water standing wave on the market.

Our analysts took a deep dive into what other technologies in this category are offering, and we are proud to report that we top the charts for energy efficiency by a considerable margin. All while creating a deep, authentic, and powerful rapid wave. Don’t think for a second that because we continue to push the bounds of energy efficiency, we have sacrificed wave power in our design. Most surfers report that our wave is deeper, steeper, and more powerful than others in its category.

Zero-Water Consumption and Energy Efficiency are not only great for our planet, but they are also great for our customers and the viability of their businesses. It is no secret that creating man-made waves uses a lot of water and a lot of electricity; water is heavy and requires a lot of energy to move it. So every little bit of energy efficiency we can offer is extremely important and is something we spend a lot of time focusing on. This core UNIT Surf Pool advantage can be the difference between what it takes to create a profitable surf park or surf-centric business and what is not feasible.

We at UNIT Surf Pool, are driven by this core goal:

We want to see More Waves in More Places and More People Surfing all over the World. 

That is what drives us and why we have such a high emphasis on Sustainable and Eco-Friendly design as well as finding ways to create greater access to surfing through flexible installation options and an affordable price point model.  

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