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2022 Surf Park Awards Winners: Wavegarden (Innovation and Progression)

The results from the 2022 Waves of Innovation Surf Park Awards are in. We have three winners and a number of finalists for the categories that are creating the foundation for the future of surfing. Topics include Innovation and Progression, Sustainability and Democratizing Waves.

This year’s innovation and progression award went to Wavegarden, one of the leaders in the world of wave technology. Here’s how they’re responding:

How does it feel to win one of this year’s Wave of Innovation awards?

We are elated to have won the prestigious award for “Outstanding Excellence in Progress, Innovation and Cutting Edge Technology” at the Surf Park Summit. Our mission has always been to create the best waves and the most reliable and energy efficient wave generation technology on the market. This award pays tribute to the remarkable work by our talented and dedicated team. It also gives credit to the surfers who have helped us develop our technology to where it is today – their support is a permanent source of motivation for us as we continue to innovate the world´s best waves and technology. 

Why is Innovation and Progression important to your company?

Pioneering wave making technologies is what we have done since 2005. We never stop innovating and are constantly covering new ground to improve our technologies, especially as there are very few precedents for us to follow.

How would you like to grow or continue to do this within your organization?

Wavegarden has come a long way from where we started. However, we acknowledge that there is still more work to do, especially in the area sustainability to reach our goal of a 100% carbon neutral facility.

Check out their submission:

Progression and performance

The development and ongoing innovation of the Wavegarden Cove technology is based on making great quality waves accessible to all surfers in a safe and controlled environment. We believe that every surfer, regardless of their level, has the ability to perform at their best and progress even further when presented with the right conditions to do so. 

Our Wave Menu of 20+ different waves is the most diverse on the market, established in a hierarchy for beginners through to experts. There are 6 wave categories to match all surfer profiles: Bays, Waikiki, Malibu, Turns, Barrels, and Airs. The waves in each category come in 3-4 different sizes (0.5m – 2.0m) and 2-3 different peeling speeds. Offering this level of variety provides an unrivalled pathway of progression in the skill development required in standing up, cruising along the open-face, executing manoeuvres, riding the tube, and executing aerials.

Coupled with the highest ratio of wave frequency to lagoon size of any technology, the Wavegarden Cove offers the high level of repetition required to master the fundamentals of wave riding as well as learn and practice every maneuver imaginable. 

The versatility of our technology also allows for the creation of new waves to complement our existing Wave Menu. Our team of fluid dynamic and wave modelling experts is constantly researching and creating new waves that can be introduced seamlessly into our commercial Wavegarden facilities.

Finally, we are in the final phase of developing the world’s most progressive video replay system that allows surfers to review and analyze their waves in real time. 

We are confident that these technological innovations, together with our bespoke surf progression programs and constantly updated operational guides, policies and procedures, will help drive a level of surfer progression and performance never thought possible and revolutionize surf coaching as we know it.

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