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American Wave Machines

BSR Surf Ranch Unveiled

BSR Surf Ranch Unveiled

North America’s First American Wave Machines PerfectSwell Infinite Ocean Wave Pool is Insane.

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May 6, 2018. The WSL Founders’ Cup event that’s going down right now at Kelly’s Surf Ranch is a historical event and it just so happens that BSR Surf Ranch has landed on their very own historical moment at the same time.

BSR, together with American Wave Machines has brought the first wave pool to North America that can produce “an infinite variety of waves appealing to surfers of all levels, and no need for special pool bottom contours.”

[su_youtube url=”” width=”980″ height=”820″]

Yesterday, BSR Surf Resort gave us our first glimpse at what we’ve been waiting to see. A one minute clip of an almost mystical looking right-hander peeling down the side of the pool.

The wave comes in as a wedgy peak, pushing almost sideways before it pitches with impeccable timing.

The wave machine is designed to create different types of waves at the touch of a button. The waves are generated via air chambers that line the inside of the wall. Each chamber can be fired individually and with a unique timing sequence. They currently have settings for a number of different breaks and each one is uniquely different.

BSR uses a separate technology than NLand or Kelly Slater Wave Co. They’re teamed up with American Wave Machines, who’s been developing their PerfectSwell™ technology for a while. With the help of Jamie O’Brien and Cheyne Magnusson, they turned a small-scale prototype into a full-size dream.

The park is going to be open for surfers starting next week. Season pass information can be found here.

A full surfing edit is set to drop on Monday.



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