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EpicSurf Hosts the Senegal Surfing Federation Prior to Olympics Qualifier in Huntington Beach, CA

Press Release from Aquatic Development Group (ADG):

Aquatic Development Group (ADG) the manufacturer of EpicSurf, a true deep-water, stationary surfing wave, was stoked to host the Senegal Surfing Federation prior to the team’s first stop in the Olympic Qualifying International Surfing Association’s (ISA) World Surfing Games held in Huntington Beach, California, September 17 – 24, 2022, where EpicSurf is an event sponsor.

The Senegal team training at EpicSurf (Source: ADG)

The wave to Paris 2024 is in motion as the world’s greatest surfers, including 247 athletes from 51 nations, gather in iconic “Surf City, USA.” The top performing female and male surfers are competing for the ultimate prize of 2 extra slots for the Olympic Games. The West African ISA member nation is proudly represented by a team of 6 athletes, 4 coaches, plus the steady and thoughtful leadership of Souleye Mbengue, Official ISA Representative, and Omaur Seye, Federation Vice-Président and surfing legend in his own right.

“The opportunity to train and practice on EpicSurf before competing in California is an honor for my team” said Mbengue, “This has been such a memorable experience surfing in New York during my first visit to the USA.” Mbengue accepted the challenge of the surfing machine and admitted that it was a fun experience, however, he is the only member of the Federation that is not a surfer. He shared, “I’m a manager – not a surfer, I keep things organized.”

The team is preparing for Olympic qualifiers ahead of the 2024 games in Paris. (Source: ADG)

In contrast, Mbengue’s VP counterpart, Omaur Seye, is a well-known surfer. In fact, Seye was the first sponsored professional African surfer. He shared, “this machine will help train and develop surfers in many ways, like building leg strength for turns.” Seye, is committed to developing the burgeoning surf industry in Senegal and hopes to add a stationary wave to his mix of lifestyle businesses in Dakar.
Imane Signate shared, “EpicSurf is consistent and provides a place to focus and improve a surfer’s form. It’s not possible to do that in the ocean.” Signate is one of two female athletes representing Senegal and the town of Dakar where most of the members originate.

After the “warm-up session” in New York, the EPIC team traveled to the west coast to introduce the international surfing community to EpicSurf as a training and development platform. EpicSurf® is the first stationary surf wave of its kind manufactured in the USA, making real surfing possible anytime, anywhere. Waves shaped and finetuned to match every surfer’s skill level, ability, and choice of surf, skim, or bodyboard. For aspiring surfers, to experts preparing for competition, EpicSurf is the ultimate cross- training platform to improve turns, maximize reps, master maneuvers, and build strength.

The qualifier takes place in Huntington Beach, CA (Source: ADG)

The ISA training event at EpicSurf was supported and sponsored by local Albany, New York sponsors: Courtyard by Marriott Albany Troy/Waterfront, BBL’s Recovery Sports Grill and Dom’s Pizza.

EpicSurf is the first and only deep-water stationary surf wave manufactured in the USA. Providing a customized and authentic surfing experience tailored to each and every guest, EpicSurf’s rapid wave adjustability means that you can quickly & easily finetune the wave to match every rider’s skill level and choice of board.
From beginners learning to surf, to experts perfecting their tricks and turns, to spectators who simply want to be a part of the action with up-close and interactive participation, EpicSurf provides the ideal platform for creating the ultimate surfing venue.

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