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First Wavegarden In A Landlocked Country Opens May 1 In The Swiss Alps By ALAÏA GROUP

Press Release: Wavegarden & Alaïa Bay – April 30th 2021

Alaïa Bay in Sion, Valais, is the fourth surf park powered by Wavegarden Cove technology to open to the public in the last two years.
● This Basque technology is leading the global market in artificial waves for surfing, offering the widest variety of waves and highest surfer capacity, with the least consumption of energy and water.
● Increasingly, more potential investors are requesting information from Wavegarden about the development of their projects, including the technical and financial requirements.

San Sebastián, 1 May 2021.

For the first time in the history of mainland Europe, it is possible to surf world-class waves in the Swiss Alps year long. This is thanks to the new surfing facility developed in Sion by the Alaïa Group, just 1 hour from Lausanne, which uses the Wavegarden Cove technology. The aim of its founder, Adam Bonvin, a young entrepreneur only 25 years old, is to bring this healthy and fun sport along with the beach lifestyle, closer to Swiss families and surfing lovers. It also aims to offer professional surfers a place to train and companies a venue to hold alternative corporate events. The pre-sales success has been overwhelming, a clear indicator, in these difficult times, that outdoor leisure activities are very much sort after by everyone. 

Wavegarden Cove Technology
Wavegarden Cove Technology

The Alaïa Bay project is especially important for Wavegarden as it fulfills the vision of bringing waves and the sport of surfing to places without access to the ocean.  Wavegarden is a Basque engineering company that is leading the surf park sector, with five public facilities open across four continents. The Wavegarden Cove technology offers the market the widest variety of waves and highest user capacity, with the least energy and water consumption. The company has an extremely high growth potential in this emergent sector and currently counting 44 projects in development around the world.  It also boasts proven and successful international experience in the design, construction,  maintenance, and operations and is currently the company with the highest number of surfing facilities open to the public in the world. 

Surfing at Wavegarden
Surfing at Wavegarden

Bonvin explained during the press conference that after investigating all the different options, he selected Wavegarden because, besides being a Europe-based enterprise,  the technology is also “the most energy-efficient system” on the market. On the other  hand, the founder and CEO of Wavegarden, Josema Odriozola, stated that “it was a  veritable challenge to build the lagoon on a footprint that is smaller than usual, without  compromising the quality of the waves.” Odriozola thus emphasized that once again it  was possible to demonstrate “the versatility of our technology.” Wavegarden’s Chief  Commercial Officer, Fernando Odriozola, highlighted that “From the start the project has had a very interesting vision, seeking to expand the area’s leisure and tourism offering across four seasons. This project also aims to offer an alternative to snow lovers, so they can combine their passion for skiing and snowboarding with surfing. We believe it could be the ideal formula for a profitable business,” concluded Odriozola. 

Wavegarden Cove’s surfing lagoon offers the most varied wave menu on the market,  with 20 different kinds of waves designed for surfers of all ages and levels. Alaïa Bay has a surfing school so that people who are not experts can get started in this sport or improve their technique. They can also rent the latest surfboards and wetsuits. The school boasts an innovative drying room for surf suits, to ensure that all surfers share an agreeable experience. 

Surfing under Swiss Alps
Surfing under Swiss Alps

To please the most demanding palates and those just curious to enjoy the show, Alaïa Bay has created the Twin Fin restaurant, which will offer the best cuisine inspired from the five continents. The restaurant measures 700m2 and includes a huge 400m2 terrace with views over the lagoon.  

The 300m2 surf store is the biggest in Switzerland and contains surfing material, apparel, and accessories from the best brands in the Boardriders Group including Quiksilver,  Roxy, Billabong, RVCA, among others. For people who like things customized, there will also be a Shaping Room, as known as The Factory, in which craftsmen can shape tailor-made surfboards.

Project Details

Click here to watch Zeke Lau and more surf at Alaïa Bay durning their testing phase

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