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What’s on Tap For The WSL Founders’ Cup

Surfing, music, food, drinks, and giveaways. Leemore is about to get real crowded.

Founders' Cup of Surfing Schedule

The Founders’ Cup of Surfing schedule is full of different experiences. Photo WSL/FCS

April 28, 2018. If you have tickets to attend the Founders’ Cup or are thinking about getting your tickets, we want to give you a taste of what’s going to be on tap when you step through the gates. This is the first public professional surfing event to be held at Kelly’s Surf Ranch and it’s a glimpse at the future of the sport. The surf industry is making history and if you’re there you’re going to be a part of that history.

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Founders' Cup of Surfing Schedule

Conner: “I will be winning.” John John: “Ugh, no you won’t.” Photo: WSL

The event starts in six days. Let’s take a look at some of the artist and brands that set up on the Founders’ Cup of Surfing Schedule at The Ranch.

To start, when you step through the gates of the Surf Ranch you’re walking into an atmosphere and energy that is unlike any other. Hanging out with professional surfers and injecting yourself into a community that’s loving every minute of it. Not to mention that the wave forecast is looking quite promising…

This is the schedule of events. However, keep in mind that all day you can find food, drinks, experiences and a crazy amount of merchandise giveaways from companies like Lifeproof, Michelob, Jeep, T-Mobile, Barefoot Wines, and many more. Although, we don’t recommend taking yourself away from the action.

The Future Classic Event. Expect to see a bigger crowd for the Founders’ Cup. Photo: FCS

Founders’ Cup of Surfing Schedule

7:15 am – Step out of the shuttle that runs from the parking area and into your dream playground. Get yourself a coffee and find your spot because the event will start soon.

8:15 am – The opening ceremony begins and although it’s not the Eddie contest, this opening ceremony will be one for the books and recorded in the encyclopedia of surfing.

8:30 am – It’s on! Round one will feature Stephanie Gilmore, Kelly Slater, Gabriel Medina, Jordy Smith, and Johanne Defay. Each surfer will have a once chance at the left and the right.

12:30 pm – After round one concludes DAVIE hits the stage to carry you through your lunch. Speaking of lunch, there’s going to be plenty of organic food and drinks to fancy whatever hankering you have. DAVIE is a “master chef” when it comes to making music. Based out of LA he’ll be hitting you with a mix of flavors from funk to soul to Prince-esque mix-ups.

2:30 pm – After you’ve digested your lunch round 2 hits the water. Again, each surfer gets two waves a piece, one left and one right. Every round will get hotter and more competitive so don’t take your eyes off the action.

5:30 pm – This is the last call. All day you’ve had access to Michelob ULTRAS, cocktails, and great food. Before they kick you out for the night grab another one!

6:30 pm – Time for you to go. The shuttles will be running people back to the parking area until 7:30. Tomorrow is the finals and more food, music, and art so go get some rest.


9:30 am – Today starts a bit later than the day before. Get off the shuttle, grab a coffee and settle in. Round 3 is going to have five teams battling it out. Only three teams will make it into the final round.

1:00 pm – Round 3 is over and it’s time for some lunch and more live tunes. Benjamin Booker is set to hit the stage with his mixture of blues, boogie, and soul. Rolling Stone Magazine called Benjamin’s performance at Lollapalooza the “best rock star moment… best experienced live, and turned up to 11”.

2:00 pm – FINALS. The final round has begun and each surfer will get two waves to try and take home the title for their team. Don’t underestimate this performance.

3:00 pm – This is the last call again. It’s not quite 5 pm but no one is judging you, go grab a drink before you leave the event.

4:00 pm – The award ceremony begins. We can’t tell you who will be up there but we can say that sitting in front of some of your favorite surfers as they get crowned the first WSL Founders’ Cup Title will be a memory not soon forgotten.

5:30 pm – Shuttle service ends. Hopefully, you’re on it if not that’s a long walk back to dodge.


There’s More!


Founders' Cup of Surfing Schedule

Founders' Cup of Surfing Schedule









[su_row class=””] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””]OTHER PERFORMANCES

The Alive! – A heavy rock band from California that was formed in the space between surfing and skateboarding.
Clean Spill – Coming from Santa Barbara these guys are going to put some punk rock in between your ears to really get the energy going.
Adam 12 – A super influential DJ who’s played gigs for the likes of Bill Clinton, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, and Michael Jackson. But he still considers himself underground.
Lola Langusta – Lola has a chic, energetic style that fits perfectly into festivals and events that cater to a diverse group of people.
HOFF – He’s performed for Red Bull at Coachella, and was recently featured by G-Shock as a show stopper.
Aric Christopher – House music coming straight from Venice Beach. He’s a perfect addition to round out all of the performances. [/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””]THE ARTIST

The Haas Brothers – These two are filled with curiosity and intelligence. They come from Austin, Texas and will be showcasing their style which spans from fashion to nature and science fiction.
BERT – Annonomys street artist. Sometimes referred to as the “Banksy of Surfing”. BERT has been showcased on ESPN,, VICE, Tracks Magazine, STAB, Surfer Magazine, Surfing Magazine, CBS News and The OC Register.
HULA – A self-taught artist coming from the island of Oahu. He grew up surfing which helped develop his passion for graffiti and tattooing.
Todd DiCiurcio – Todd creates images out of stories, words, bands and anything that inspires him. He strives to live in contrast to ordinary. [/su_column] [/su_row]


Other Experiences

Founders' Cup of Surfing Schedule

Photo: Jeep


Jeep’s Virtual Reality Experience – Take a virtual surf trip with Jordy Smith and Malia Manuel. This is a full 360-degree experience where you can live out a trip with these two athletes.




Founders' Cup of Surfing Schedule

Photo: Lifeproof


Lifeproof Merch Tent – These guys will be set up in the park showcasing all of their products. Play with them and even win something on both days of the event!






Founders' Cup of Surfing Schedule

Photo: Hyrdroflask

You’re a surfer and you should be looking out for our planet. If you don’t already have a Hydroflask you’re blowing it. You’ll be able to enter to win product from these guys. Oh yeah, you won’t find a single plastic straw at The Ranch. 








Get your tickets here!

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