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Kauai Ventures announces partnership with Endless Surf to create performance surf clubs throughout Brazil

Press Release from Endless Surf:

Just five months after creating Kauai Ventures, world renowned surfer Gabriel Medina and his partners announce their first project backed by the investment group. To develop a handful of performance surf clubs throughout Medina’s home country of Brazil, the investment firm has partnered with surf pool technology provider Endless Surf of WhiteWater, a company holding 40+ years of experience in developing and innovating world-renowned aquatic entertainment venues.

Responding to a growing demand for surf, this project follows a global trend that opens new opportunities for the sport of surfing while proving to be a high-visibility business. Showing a true dedication to surfing’s success, Gabriel Medina is encouraging this next generation of surfing as a sport, both in relation to practice and progression, as well as the overall visibility of surfing and its promotion of professional sport. 

“More than a sport, surfing is a lifestyle. Therefore, this project has total synergy with the legacy that I want to leave. It unites all factors that I believe in: the practice of sport, which involves healthy habits and physical activity, technology as an ally to a cutting-edge human experience, and the adrenaline that the sport provides”, says Medina.

Surfing has been growing worldwide and this is especially apparent in countries like Brazil. The country has seen a massive uptick in surfers and followers of the sport, partly in thanks to Brazilian names standing out in global competitions, like three-time world champion Gabriel Medina himself. Through the partnership with Endless Surf, Kauai Ventures has set out to build a true surf experience, originating from the knowledge and practical experience of Medina as a top tier athlete, the extensive business expertise of the partners, and the game-changing surf technology of a leading player in the global market. Ultimately driven by a core passion for surfing, Kauai Ventures and Endless Surf are combining their expertise and innovative thinking to deliver state-of-the-art artificial waves to further the sport of surfing for those in Brazil and beyond.

“The clubs we are creating represent the epitome of progression and will create a stronger and more connected community surrounding the surf lifestyle. In these developments, we are ensuring the widest variety of wave types for our surf clubs, so that the experience is more authentic to the ocean. With the project backed by one of the greatest athletes in the surfing world, we are committed to offering top-tier surf through utilizing Endless Surf’s next-generation technology that provides a unique and tailored experience.” explains Ricardo Laureano Siqueira, partner and manager of Kauai Ventures.

Paul Chutter, President of Endless Surf highlights this key partnership in saying, “These projects will showcase what Endless Surf is capable of from a wave generation standpoint as it pertains to wave variety, and how our tech will serve as the new benchmark for high competition surf. We’re incredibly proud to partner with Gabe and Kauai Ventures, reaffirming our position as the surfer’s choice.” 

Kauai Venture’s project is already underway with Endless Surf models in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The first club is expected to open in the second half of 2023.

About Kauai Ventures: 

Kauai Ventures is an investment company created by Gabriel Medina with the support of Carpa Family Office, his entrepreneur Felipe Stanford, and partner Ricardo Laureano Siqueira. It was officially launched in June 2022 and offers the market a different venture project model based on equity investments to foster innovation and invest in green and blue economy, sports and social & gaming projects

About Endless Surf:

Endless Surf brings the next generation of powerful, efficient, and customizable waves to the world of inland surfing through their robust pneumatic hardware and innovative software suite. Backed by four decades of expertise from leading aquatic engineering company, WhiteWater, Endless Surf offers iconic and authentic surf experiences that attract visitors of all ages and abilities to surf parks, while bringing with it the comfort of a proven track record of executing world-class projects.

WhiteWater built its first surf pool in 1989 that still operates to this day. Endless Surf carries this heritage and, with expert wave designers, has enhanced its proven pneumatic technology to create Endless sets, designed for operational ease, flexibility, high capacity and, above all, safety. 

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