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Point Break Surf Park Coming to Virginia in Spring 2013

Point Break Surf Park Coming Soon to the East Coast

The Mid-Atlantic coast of the United States is not the most consistent location on the planet when it comes to producing world class waves. A successful entrepreneur named Walter Bennett hopes to change that soon. In February of this year a press release announced the development of the Point Break Surf Park in conjunction with Select Contracts and American Wave Machines.

If all goes as planned the city of Hamilton, Virginia could be in for the first surf park to pump out consistent overhead surf in the United States. It seems that there are a few numbers floating around the web in terms of potential wave heights in the pool ranging anywhere from 6 to 12 feet. With year round warm water and an enclosure to keep out the cold weather from October-April Virginia Beach surfers will soon have a slice of paradise in their backyards. Regardless of whether or not the waves are world class, it sure beats 5mil wetsuits and ice cream headaches in February! Beyond the wave pool the design of the surf park will also feature a beach cafe, restaurant, beach volleyball, football pitch, kids adventure play area, conference center, retail shopping, boardwalk, party cabanas, and much more. Within phase one of the project American Wave Machines will be providing two Traveling Wave Surf Pools and two Surf Stream Simulators. For an idea of what to expect you can check out their past projects and wave pool designs at 

Check out this video from Wadi Adventure: A design similar to the Point Break Surf Park:

You can learn more about Wadi Adventure and their wave pool in the United Arab Emirates by visiting

Here’s 9 Reasons Why Point Break Surf Park Will be Great for the East Coast:

  1. No more spending countless hours riding around the beach looking for the spot where the waves are breaking … Did you know that most ‘hot’ surfing spots only break at their peak ten times a year?
  2. Scared of sharks or jelly fish? Our Surf Park doesn’t have them!
  3. No more rip tides and dangerous undertows.
  4. Statistically, only 5 percent of the surfers actually catch all the waves in the line up – so what happens to the other 95 percent that don’t catch the waves? Here at Point Break Surf Park, we have fixed that problem. Every surfer will have his or her “own” 10 waves to ride – just your wave and no one else on your wave.
  5. No more watching the weather channel for weather conditions or wind directions. At Point Break Surf Park, the waves are already breaking!
  6. We can change the frequency, size and shape of the waves for you to ride.
  7. Surfing and boogie board competitions right at our Surf Park.
  8. Don’t like to surf in the winter or wear a wet suit? Our Surf Park will be enclosed from October to April.
  9. Don’t know how to surf ? No worries – with our two Surf Stream Surfing machines, our smaller Training Wave Pool and our top notch surf instructors – we will have you riding in no time!

For more details and information on the Point Break Surf Park coming to Hamilton, Virginia in the Spring of 2013 you can visit

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