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Select Contracts Surf Park Industry Press Release May 2013

Select Contracts Press Release | May 7, 2013


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May 7, 2013

Pause & Breathe

We’ve been silent for a while but only because of the array of exciting projects the Select Contracts team have been working on for the past year.  Now we have a moment to pause, breathe, maybe sneak in a short surf trip or biking adventure, and give you the highlights:

Al Ain, UAE

2012 was the year that Select Contracts lit the fire in the Surf Park industry when we opened the doors to the world’s first 100% dedicated surf park as part of Wadi Adventure. Benefitting from huge online exposure, the park has received coverage from around the globe. Among others, we are proud to have attracted professional surfers such as Dion Agius, Sally Fitzgibbons, Matt Meola, Jack Freestone, Chippa Wilson, Gudauskas brothers and Reubyn Ash.  Along with their creative teams each has produced some astounding still and video imagery, of which the Surfer Poll Awards nominated Globe’s “Electric Blue Heaven” for the Best Short Film 2012.Wadi Adventure is also home to the world’s longest combined artificial white water rafting channels, an aerial obstacle course, ziplines, giant swing and climbing wall. During the winter months we were pleased to welcome over 30 of the world’s top kayakers who are using Wadi Adventure to train for Olympic glory in Rio 2016.

Manama, Bahrain

Not all of Select Contracts’ work involves the high-energy sports that our people are passionate about. In Bahrain, a country seeking to expand its family-focussed leisure offering, we collaborated with an international retail specialist to produce a beautiful outline concept design for a new waterfront mixed-use development.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Breaking from our traditional role as consultant, Select Contracts is developing an exciting new project in the Southern Hemisphere.  Having secured a lease on mountainous land adjacent to a population of over 350,000 people we are currently in the consenting process for a major new bike park development that will be the first of its kind worldwide.  Also including ziplines, accommodation, retail and restaurants, the project heralds the beginning of a new concept that will operate year round.  With full Municipal and Government support we are currently inviting expressions of interest in the second round of funding (the first round is now fully subscribed).  Anticipated returns are over 25% and detailed market research is available to support the business plan.

Texas, USA

In late 2012 we completed the early stage studies required for a potential new surf park in the Lone Star State. We were chosen for this work because we operate independently from equipment suppliers to ensure a balanced appraisal of the technology available to surf park visionaries around the world.

The Future

Uniquely positioned around the globe.  Select Contracts continues to lead the industry in the design and development of new facilities, extending that expertise into the ongoing management of operations.  Our broad experience under the general umbrella of leisure and entertainment, combined with specialised knowledge of action sports such as surfing and mountain biking, means we remain the ‘go-to’ company for design, build and operations services worldwide.Lloyd Ravenscroft, Commercial Director for Select Contracts said: ”The future of successful leisure and entertainment destinations is Select Contracts. Time and time again we have proven our experience, knowledge and understanding of the design, build and operation of world-class leisure and entertainment destinations. Our projects are ahead of time, financially viable and a huge success within the market. We pride ourselves on an understanding of the latest concepts and technologies and are always interested to hear from people with new ideas and opportunities.”For more information on Select Contracts, email Lloyd Ravenscroft on [email protected] or visit our website

Orlando, USA

In 2012 we completed a full market & feasibility study and conceptual design for a revolutionary new concept in adventure sports.  This new park, in one of the most visited cities on the planet, will provide a unique combination of activities and groundbreaking new technology to appeal to people from all over the world. Bringing together surfing, skiing, snowboarding, ziplines, ATVs, white water rafting, kayaking, climbing, canyoning, rappel running and other activities to create a distinctive destination. Planning consent was recently granted and we are excited to be continuing our work on this project through to operations.

Doha, Qatar

In late 2012, continuing into 2013 we completed a detailed market & feasibility study and basic conceptual design for the leisure component in one of the largest new shopping malls to be built in the Middle East. Chosen because of our unique approach to new technology and ideas coupled with extensive experience of leisure and entertainment in the region, we look forward to an opening in 2015.

New York, USA

As the demographics of Western nations change so do the leisure and entertainment requirements.  Select Contracts is working with a successful REIT on the transformation of an aging resort in the Catskills.  Our operational experience provides us with useful insight during the design process, ensuring issues surrounding capacity, payroll and operational costs are managed from the outset. In this project, our love of the outdoors is indulged with a design that is sympathetic to magnificent natural surroundings.

Suffolk, UK

For decades Select Contracts has been involved with the development of indoor snow facilities.  Following three years of pre-concept consultancy on this project, we are now contracted to provide design oversight, preopening and operations management for a £350m indoor ski resort in the UK. Our pre-opening team are prepared and we are very excited to be part of this project.


Select Contracts possess the flexibility to provide specialist teams with project-specific skills that are not found in-house. One of our Canadian ski resort clients engaged us on 3 distinct tasks, each examining a different area of the operation. We produced the design of a new attraction, combining extensive engineering with a multimedia experience. Our team completed a wayfinding audit and redesign that extended into the community at large. And our business development specialists modelled several potential scenarios for future capital investment decisions.
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