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Surf Park Summit 2013 Highlight Video


While it would be impossible to bottle the energy and enthusiasm at this year’s Surf Park Summit, we’ve put together a short highlight reel for everyone to get a taste of history in the making.

A big thank you goes out to Mark Samuels Media for creating this incredible highlight reel.

Here are a few of our favorite quotes:

“It’s imperative that brands, companies, thought-leaders work together, and come up with solutions, and get everybody to understand that collaboration is key to progress and really doing things the right way.”

Derek Sabori Director of Sustainability, Volcom


“I think getting everyone together in one spot and sharing ideas and kind of opening up the kimono so to speak, will hopefully provide for some cross-pollination of the technologies and show the investors and buyers out there that there is a feasible, profitable future in some of these wave park technologies.

Surf parks are the future because they’re predictable in terms of generating great waves, and they’ll help the industry revitalize by bringing a whole new generation of surfers into the mix.”

Pete Indelicato Founder, Raised Water Research


“The industry’s moving forward at a rapid pace. We’re at a tipping point, you know, with the surf park movement. We’re going to see, rapidly, within the next five to ten years, the proliferation of surf parks throughout our country, north America, and the world.”

Scott Bass Executive Director, The Boardroom 


“This concept of the surf park industry has sort of been floating around, and now it’s sort of became concrete, it became real.”

“I do think we’re at a tipping point, I think everybody now knows that it is going to be a big part of the future, the question is just how is that going to play out? And we’ll see.”

Jamie Meiselman Founder, Surf Parks LLC


“There’s a lot of excellent brainpower here that will allow us to at least go into territories that we might not have thought.”

Tom Lochtefeld Founder, Wave Loch


“It was a great first step. This was the first summit of it’s kind and I think people are very stoked here, I mean there’s just sort of a level of stoke and there’s a level of enthusiasm and you’re looking at the future here.”

Shaun Tomson 


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