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Wavegarden Announces Third Cove for Brazil and Signs Partnership with 2X Surfing World Champion Filipe Toledo

Press Release from Wavegarden:

Beyond The Club, a new Wavegarden project scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2025  in São Paulo, Brazil, has just announced the signing of an ambassador partnership with 2- time world surf champion Filipe Toledo. 

The project represents an unprecedented sports lifestyle club, spanning over 100,000m2.  Currently under construction, it is strategically located 15 minutes from Faria Lima, adjacent  to the iconic Transamerica Bridge, and in close proximity to São Paulo’s city center. 

At its core, Beyond The Club will have a 62-module Wavegarden Cove – the world’s largest  and most powerful – surrounded by a sandy beach and an extensive array of infrastructure  catering to sports, recreation, social, and cultural activities. 

This exclusive agreement positions Toledo as a figurehead for both the brand and the sport  of surfing. His role will involve providing surf coaching programs and events to enhance the  overall experience for guests. 

Over the past decade, current world WSL #1 Toledo has captivated global audiences with  his masterful wave-riding abilities, executing critical maneuvers with speed, precision, and  flair. Beyond his athletic prowess, he is revered by peers and the wider surfing community,  not only as a professional athlete but also as a commendable person, making him an  outstanding role model for current and future generations, both in Brazil and around the  world. 

Toledo’s longstanding association with Wavegarden began in 2014 when he surfed one of  the first prototypes in the Basque Country. He later returned for training during the European  leg of the world pro tour between 2018 and 2020. While competing at Bells Beach in  Australia, Toledo utilized the Wavegarden Cove facility at URBNSURF Melbourne to practice  and test boards on flat days between swells. 

Following a recent surf session at Praia da Grama, Toledo expressed his attraction to the Beyond the Club project, citing its innovative approach to surfing, lifestyle, family values, and  sustainability. 

“This is a visionary project, and I am proud to be a part of it,” said Toledo. “I never really  imagined that technology would evolve to this level in my lifetime. But it has, and it is even  being done in a sustainable way, which is great to know.” 

Oscar Segalls and his team at KSM Realty – the developers who gave Brazil its first inland  surfing destination and tropical beach, Praia da Grama – were the ones who identified the  potential of a partnership with Brazil’s top surf star. 

“Beyond the Club is a unique project, different from traditional options and different from  anything that presently exists,” explained Segalls, CEO at KSM. “Filipe is the epitome of  what this project is about. It’s about surfing, lifestyle, fun, and family values. We are all very  happy to have him on our team and look forward to a long and meaningful relationship.” 


Wavegarden is an innovative engineering company dedicated to the research, design,  manufacture, installation, commissioning of wave generation systems, and the construction  and operation of surf lagoons. 

Wavegarden’s technology is operating successfully at 7 facilities worldwide, capable of  accommodating up to 90 surfers per hour, generating 20 different types of waves to cater to  all surfer profiles, with the lowest energy and water consumption in the market. 

Remaining true to our mission to share the incredible experience of surfing perfect waves  with everyone around the world, the company has an extremely high growth potential in this  emerging sector, with more than 70 projects currently in development across the globe, 7  surf parks operating, and 12 projects currently under construction. 


KSM Realty is an innovative investment management group in real estate assets, composed  of a multidisciplinary team, whose expertise combines knowledge of the Real Estate Market  and the Capital Market.

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