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Wavegarden releases New Video Highlighting Latest Technology

Press Release from Wavegarden:

The Wavegarden Cove® features new technical developments never seen before, and is able to deliver up to 1000 perfect, ocean-like waves per hour within the smallest footprint yet. At the push of a button, the size, shape, power, and frequency of the waves can be adjusted to suit all user groups,  transforming conditions in an instant -from small and mellow waves for beginners to powerful barreling waves up to 2m for advanced and professional surfers. 


Alaïa Bay in Switzerland, with a surfing lagoon only 8,000 m2, generates between 300-600 waves/hour, offers the maximum user capacity, and the best quality and variety of waves in the smallest possible footprint. 


Commercially viable and highly profitable surf and leisure facilities with an IRR of over 20% and more than 200,000 annual visitors. 


Lowest energy consumption on the market (1kWh for a 2 m wave and 23-sec ride). Energy consumption is 10 times lower than pneumatic systems. 


The world’s largest technology company specializing in surf parks, with proven international experience and a team of 70 multidisciplinary specialists. 

Wavegarden newest Cove technology
The video suggests Wavegarden Cove is some of the most environmentally friendly tech in the industry.

Wavegarden is an innovative engineering company dedicated to the research,  design, manufacture, installation, commissioning of wave generation systems,  and the construction and operation of surf parks. Wavegarden’s technology offers the greatest variety of waves and user capacity, with the lowest energy and water consumption in the market. We remain true to our mission to share the incredible experience of surfing perfect waves around the globe.

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