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Surf Parks Making Waves: Global Attraction and Growing Fan Base for Rapid Surfing

Photo courtesy of Waves & Water/UNIT Surf Pool

Surf Park Central – June 8, 2023

The sport of rapid surfing has gained global attention and attracted enthusiasts from around the world, thanks to the allure of controlled waves in man-made surf parks. One prime example of this is the recent Rapid Surf League Championship Finals held at Wakeparadise Milano’s UNIT Surf Pool. Professionals and amateurs competed together throughout the season, creating a new level of excitement and anticipation for the sport.

Surf parks’ popularity and economic viability are evident in the 2023 Surf Park Central’s Consumer Trend Report. The success of events like the RSL Milano Pro/AM, drawing over 200 enthusiastic fans, exemplifies the growing interest and dedication of spectators to the sport of rapid surfing.

For more on how surfers and spectators alike experienced the competition you can read UNIT Surf’s recap of the event they hosted last month.

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