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The Best Aerial Surfing In The World Right Now Is Happening In Waco, Texas

How quickly things have progressed on the Surf Pool front.

A few years ago it would have been laughable to think Hawaiian surfers would be traveling to the middle of Texas to practice their aerial surfing. But that’s exactly what’s happening. As soon as the summer doldrums set in on Oahu, three of the Moniz brothers — Josh, Seth and Isaiah — as well as Zeke Lau, jumped a flight from Hawaii to Texas to practice hitting the ramp at the BSR Surf Resort for hours on end. By all accounts, the air section at BSR is perfect, and allows surfers to practice new grabs and spins they would rarely — if ever — try in the ocean. As you’ll see in the edit above, Seth very nearly pulls a single grab frontside backflip, something that’s yet to be landed — in the ocean or in a pool. And that’s the beauty of the Surf Pool: As they continue to quickly progress, so too does the sport, and especially above the lip.

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