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Urbnsurf Hosts An Epic Holiday Party

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Drag Board Co — which specializes in finless softboards — boasts one of the most talented teams in surf, including Chippa Wilson, Noa Deane and Creed McTaggart. To celebrate the holidays, the Drag Team headed to URBN Surf Park in Melbourne to put their finless sleds through the artificial motions. Talk about treating your team right at the end of a weird year. And it’s wild what surfers like Wilson and Deane can do on a soft surfboard without fins. This clip is entertaining stuff.

Says the Drag Board Co team:

Based on actual events: In 2020, employees at a Soft-Logistics company Christmas party became intoxicated and passed out. They awoke to find themselves trapped in a computer simulation that some say is a glimpse into the very future of surfing as we know it. 

Computer-generated HP trad-orcs with bionic leg pump and arm swipe capabilities traverse the dystopian marine park on an endless loop. Thrusting. Pumping. Swiping. 

Cyber-bots patrol all perimeters and flying machines enforce strict assimilation to an algorithmically generated surfing monoculture. The Starring: Tom Rigby, Chippa Wilson, Noa Deane, Henry Hewish, Creed Mctaggert, Harry Bryant, Jordan Putland, Thomas Robinson, Kurt Lovegrove, James Kates. All missing persons have not been seen since.

About URBNSurf

Surfing is an iconic Australian sport and pastime, offering an attractive lifestyle, with millions of active participants. But surfing is challenging!

Typically you needed an ocean, and the elements to align (swell, tide, winds, daylight) to score good, let alone perfect waves. And if you want to learn, or are chasing surf, you have to commit time to driving to a coast, checking multiple spots, and be willing to battle crowds at popular breaks. There’s also the risk of marine hazards, including rips, the cold, and hungry monsters of the deep. So what’s the solution?

URBNSURF parks, providing perfect, ocean-like waves in an authentic, safe and controlled environment, catering to all ages and abilities.

Born in 2012, URBNSURF is a proudly Australian private company with offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

Comprised of passionate surfers and outdoor enthusiasts, the URBNSURF crew are dedicated to designing, developing and operating world-class urban surf parks around Australia.

We’re united in delivering authentic, memorable surfing experiences to help people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to #surfmore.

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