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Surf Lakes Is Exceeding All Expectations

Surf Lakes, with its post-apocalyptic, Mad-Max looking technology, is the most unique surf pool coming to market. Rather than plow water or push air to create waves, Surf Lakes literally uses a massive plunger to create a “ring” of set waves, which then unload on different bottom contours concurrently. While it might be crazy looking, it works. And very well. In the 13-minute clip above, called “Pumped”, you’ll hear from surfers like Macy Callaghan, Luke Hynd, Dean Morrison, and more. The main takeaway? While you can never exactly replicate the ocean experience, Surf Lakes comes pretty damn close. In fact, it’s easy to forget the waves you’re watching are artificial.

The Surf Lakes Backstory:

A little over a decade ago, a mild mannered Aaron Trevis was skimming rocks across a shimmering lake with his then-small children. And like all Dads eager to impress the young’uns, he started tossing in bigger and bigger rocks to make a bigger and bigger splash.
As the rocks broke through the water surface, and after the splash had settled, Aaron noticed the micro swells fanning out to connect with the shoreline, where perfect ant-sized barrels peeled one after the other.
Being an engineer, a surfer, and being trapped in a city without waves, he posed the question… What sized rock do I have to throw into the water to make waves people can surf? Aaron immediately began testing in his back yard pool…
Throw (pardon the pun) to 2018 and the first surfable waves were produced in Surf Lakes’ man-made pond in Central Qld, Australia. The rock was replaced by a 1400 ton steel unit, that looks more like an upturned boat bobbing on the surface, and as the metal giant plunged into the deep-water core, out poured perfect wave after wave across four peaks.
Fast forward again to August 2020, where some of the best surfing ever seen in a wave pool was witnessed at the Yeppoon facility.

About Surf Lakes:

Surf Lakes has invented a revolutionary, proprietary method of producing high-quality surfing waves in a controlled lake environment. By sending large concentric waves over separate reef breaks, a Surf Lakes XL facility is capable of producing over 2000 waves per hour. Each wave varies in size, shape and length, allowing surfers of all abilities to surf at once.

The science and engineering behind Surf Lakes is truly revolutionary. Unique bathymetric designs of our pool floor mimic nature and help to produce ocean-like waves. The floor design interacts with our patented wave mechanism where one central swell generates up to 10 separate waves to the surrounding reefs and beach breaks. Surf Lakes XL facilities are similar to a ski resort, with waves colour-coded based on their level of difficulty.

Beginners can feel safe and secure knowing which waves to surf as they learn and improve their skills, in a con- trolled environment. The beauty of our design means you don’t have to wait for a specific session that suits you. We produce waves that suit all levels of ability simultaneously. Surf Lakes at present has two products, each designed to appeal to different market places and also suit varying locations.

The two models include the Surf Lakes standard model and the Surf Lakes XL model. Surf Lakes XL has a larger footprint and is designed to cater for the beginner through to pro markets and be capable of catering for large international events such as The Olympics. The larger footprint will allow for Surf Lakes XL models to built with the notion of becoming a premium surf destination or resort appealing to the first timer, families and also the hard core surfer.
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1 Comment

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