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Surf Park Summit Announces 2022 Speakers and Panels

June 13, 2022 

Surf Park Central is beyond excited to announce new details about Surf Park Summit 2022, happening October 16-18, 2022 in San Diego California. The annual event brings together the biggest names in the growing surf park industry including CEOs, entrepreneurs, developers, and investors active in the inland surf destinations and real estate industry. The Summit brings together the technologists, development partners, operators, and investors that entrepreneurs need to get their new wave pool projects funded. The Summit is designed to fuel and inspire the industry while ensuring a higher likelihood of project success, and is a must-attend event for anyone in the industry. 

Ten years in the making, this year’s event takes place in La Jolla, San Diego, CA from October 16th through 18th, and highlights the growth and latest trends in the surf park industry. Billions of dollars are now being invested to keep up with the demand to build surf parks, and is expected to increase 10-fold to more than $5BN USD by 2030 according to Surf Park Central’s sources. Guests should start to get excited as more parks prepare to open in the U.S. and around the world.

At Summit this year’s expert panels will include speakers like Seán Young (Destination Development Partner for Wavegarden), Brandon Lowery (CEO of USA Surfing), Jessica O’Leary (North American Distribution Partner for UNIT Surf Pool), Rob Budetti (Managing Partner for Architects Orange), Carl Kish (CEO, Stoke Certified), and Jess Ponting (Co-Founder of Surf Park Summit).

This year’s panel topics will include the leading issues facing the industry in the early stages of hypergrowth including Sustainability in the Surf Park Industry and how to be sure there are waves in the ocean, and drinking water for all, for generations to come, Lessons learned in Surf Lagoon Operations for an inside industry look at wave pools already operational and Feasibility for Surf Park Investments with dozens of parks in the works, this popular topic will focus on how to fundraise for surf park success.

Additional topics include Planning and Designing for a look at master planning the best guest experiences, Seasonality of Surf Park Marketing to discuss how to get guests in the water year-round and Surf Pools and the Progression and Innovation in the Sport to better understand the role of these wave pools for new surfers through Olympic athletes and everyday surfers new to the sport. The event will also feature several Case Studies highlighting insights from the world’s most successful surf park Operators, directly from their perspectives.

Attendees of Surf Park Summit 2022 will get a better understanding of what is making the industry thrive as surf veterans and entrepreneurs behind these parks will share their first-hand experiences. With more surf parks in the works around the world, panelists and experts will also look ahead to what could become the standard for surf parks for decades to come.

Whether a seasoned industry veteran or someone new looking to invest, Surf Park Summit is the number one destination for industry insights and networking. With new entrants entering the surf park space daily Surf Park Summit is perfectly positioned to be the highest-value networking event of the year. 

Summit 2021 guests included surfing legends Shaun Tomson, CJ Hobgood, Debbie Beachham, Erin Brooks, and Ian Kanga Cairns. Bob Rief, Executive Director of San Diego Sport Innovators, shares “I know how absolutely invaluable the conference is. If you are a wave pool entrepreneur, and you do not attend the Summit, that would be a big miss. Amazing amount of insight, super well-done event.”

Surf Park Summit 2022 will include ocean views from the California coast at the Scripps Seaside Forum. Attendees can upgrade to the VIP package to join for the Sunday VIP Happy Hour, and Tuesday VIP breakfast. 

Guests can find lodging at nearby La Jolla Shores Hotel and Hotel La Jolla, Curio Collection by Hilton for a reduced rate.

“From the beautiful location to the guest speakers, the panel topics, and even the happy hours, it was all so thoughtfully curated and well organized,” said Jessica O’Leary, UNIT Surf Pool Distribution Partner & Marketing Director.

For even more networking access with the leaders in this industry, Surf Park Summit is proud to offer 12-month digital membership to INSIDERS as well as offering VIP upgrades for those at Summit seeking more intimate access. The VIP event takes place at 6PM on Sunday, October 16th, 2022 at Bird’s Surf Shed in San Diego. 

Find additional information and to register visit the Surf Park Central website.

For more information about getting involved please contact Sean Hibbs, [email protected] 

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