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The World Of X-Games Goes Behind-The-Scenes At Stab High

It was only a matter of time before surf pools started getting the attention of mainstream media.

While this 23-minute documentary — created by the “World Of X-Games” — centers around the Stab High air comp held in 2018 and 2019 at the BSR Surf Resort in Waco, Texas, it also delves into the past, present and future of surf pool technology all around the world. It’s also the first clip which features footage of Surf Lakes, Wavegarden, BSR Surf Resort, Surf Ranch, and the Palm Springs Surf Club in the same place, and the dichotomy between the different technologies is as interesting as it is striking. In less than a decade we’ve gone from zero quality commercial surf pool technologies, to at least five. All very different. All with their own place in the newly created surf pool space.

Click play to watch a dizzying and digestible look at the progression of surf pools, and the influence they are having on the progression of the sport.

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